Anthony or “Ant”, is a storyteller. He uses photography, film and writing to share people’s stories in the natural environment. Ant enjoys creating whether it is through the lines on paper, the lines through the lens, or the lines on the face of a wave.

Studying and working in the profession of architecture Ant developed his skills to refine a concept or an idea. Learning how to strip back an idea for a more simpler and cohesive outcome. During this time Ant began to look at his environment around him differently. Noticing those minute details that people often stroll past, essentially developing a ‘photographic eye’.

Ant switched career paths to pursue his passion, photography. When photographing architecture and interiors he wears the hat of a photographer but looks at the spaces through the lens of an architect. He enjoys projects that are creative and playful, and are led by a clear vision, the environment or an intimate experience within those designed spaces.  

Growing up in New Zealand, Ant was introduced to the outdoors. He has a strong relationship with the natural environment and documents adventure, travel, surf and lifestyle subjects. Ant is intrigued by exploration and through surfing and skiing has traveled to some special destinations.    

Ant’s main focus when shooting is to authentically portray a person’s or an object’s intrinsic relationship within their surrounding environment. He conveys  these relationships through the genres of architectural, lifestyle,  and portraiture photography.